Terumos 4:7-8

Terumos 4:7

Rabbi Eliezer says that the terumah status of food is cancelled in the ratio of 1 out of 101 (i.e., if the terumah falls into 100 times its volume of non-terumah food). Rabbi Yehoshua says 1 out of 100-plus, the “plus” being undefined. Rabbi Yosi ben Meshulam says the “plus” is one kav for 100 seah (about one-third of a gallon for 34 gallons); this “plus” is one-sixth the volume of terumah that would render non-terumah “meduma” (a mixture forbidden to non-kohanim).

Terumos 4:8

Rabbi Yehoshua says that black figs can cancel out the terumah status of white figs and vice versa, large cakes of pressed figs can cancel out the terumah status of small cakes and vice versa, round cakes can cancel out square cakes and vice versa. Rabbi Eliezer does not permit dissimilar items to cancel out one another. Rabbi Akiva says that if one knows what fell in (e.g., a white fig or a black fig), dissimilar items cannot cancel out terumah status; if one doesn’t know what fell in, it can.
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