Terumos 3:8-9

Terumos 3:8

If a person intended to designate something as terumah but he accidentally said maaser, or a korban olah (burnt offering) but he said shelamim (peace offering), or shelamim but he said olah, if he intended to say “I will not go into that house” but he accidentally designated the wrong house, or “I will not derive benefit from person A” but he accidentally designated person B, in all these cases, he has said nothing. This is because one’s words must agree with his intentions.

Terumos 3:9

If a non-Jew or a Samaritan (a quasi Jew) separated terumah or tithes, or sanctified something to the Temple, it is valid. Rabbi Yehuda says that the produce of the fourth year (which is like second tithes) does not apply to non-Jews but the Sages say that it does. The laws of meduma (teruma that got mixed with non-sanctified produce) and repaying an extra fifth also apply to the terumah of a non-Jew, though Rabbi Shimon exempts it from these laws.
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