Terumos 1:4-5

Terumos 1:4

One may not take terumah from olives for olive oil, nor from grapes for wine. If one did, Beis Shammai say what he separated still counts as terumah for unprocessed olives or grapes. Beis Hillel say it doesn’t count as anything.

Terumos 1:5

One may not take terumah from: leket, shich’cha or peah (the portions left for the needy); produce that has been declared ownerless; first tithe that had terumah taken; second tithe; from produce that had been sanctified and then redeemed; from obligated produce for non-obligated produce or vice versa; from produce that has been harvested for produce still attached to the ground or vice versa; from the new crop for the old crop or vice versa; from produce of Israel for that of other lands or vice versa. In all of these cases, if one did do so, what he separated does not count as terumah even after the fact.
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