Terumos 11:5-6

Terumos 11:5

If a kohein keeps kernels of terumah, they remain prohibited to non-kohanim. If the kohein throws them away, they become permitted. The same rule applies to the bones of sarifices. The coarse bran of terumah is permitted to non-kohanim (because it’s not food); the fine bran of new terumah grain is prohibited to non-kohanim and that of old terumah grain is permitted. The kohein may treat the bran of terumah as he does chullin, without concern of wasting it. If one sifts a kav or two of fine flour from a seah (six kav) of terumah flour, he may not dispose of the rest (because it’s still edible). Rather, he must store it away

Terumos 11:6

If a person removes terumah wheat from a store room in order to store chullin there, he need not gather up every individual grain. He should just sweep out the room in the usual fashion and move the chullin into it.
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