Terumos 11:3-4

Terumos 11:3

When it comes to produce of terumah or second tithe, one may not turn dates into date-honey, apples into wine or late-season grapes into vinegar (as this diminishes them). No other fruit of terumah or second tithe may be converted in form except for olives (into oil) and grapes (into wine). One would only receive lashes for drinking a liquid made of orlah fruit in the case of grape wine and olive oil. No liquid was brought as first fruits except for grape wine and olive oil. The only fruit products than render food susceptible to ritual impurity are grape wine and olive oil, and the only fruit products offered on the altar are grape wine and olive oil.

Terumos 11:4

The stalks of terumah figs and carob are prohibited to non-kohanim (presumably because they extend into the fruit and removing them invariably takes some of the fruit with them).
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