Terumos 11:1-2

Terumos 11:1

One may not put a cake of terumah figs or dried terumah figs into brine because this ruins them (and one may not waste terumah) but he may put terumah wine into brine. (This doesn’t waste it; the entire mixture is consumed.) One may not perfume terumah oil with chullin spices (which decreases the volume of usable oil) but one may put honey and spices into terumah wine. Terumah wine may not be boiled because some evaporates; Rabbi Yosi permits this as a form of improvement to the wine.

Terumos 11:2

If someone drank the juice of terumah fruits, Rabbi Eliezer says that he is liable to both the value of what he drank plus the extra fifth; Rabbi Yehuda exempts him. Rabbi Eliezer says that they are susceptible to ritual impurity as liquids; Rabbi Yehuda said that the Sages listed seven liquids that can convey impurity (water, wine, oil, dew, milk, blood and honey) and that’s all of them.
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