Terumos 10:7-8

Terumos 10:7

If a person pickled chullin olives and terumah olives together, whether crushed chullin with crushed terumah or crushed chullin with whole terumah, or even in the water in which terumah olives had been pickled, in all of these cases the chullin olives become prohibited to non-kohanim. If he pickled whole chullin olives with crushed terumah olives, the chullin remains permitted to non-kohanim.

Terumos 10:8

If a non-kosher fish was pickled with a kosher fish, if the non-kosher fish weighs ten Judaean zuz – which is five Galilean sela (about 12 ounces) - in an earthenware vessel that can hold two seah (about seven gallons), then the brine is prohibited. Rabbi Yehuda says it is prohibited when there is a quarter-log in two seah. (Two seah contains 48 log.) Rabbi Yosi says it is prohibited if the non-kosher fish is one-sixteenth of the volume (i.e., three log out of the 48).
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