Terumos 10:5-6

Terumos 10:5

If fenugreek of terumah or second tithe fell into a wine vat of chullin, the wine is prohibited if there were enough of the seeds to impart the taste without the stalk. If the fenugreek was produce of the sabbatical year, of mixed seeds in a vineyard, or sanctified produce, then the wine is prohibited if the seeds and wood combined were enough to impart taste.

Terumos 10:6

If a person had bunches of fenugreek that were produce of mixed seeds from a vineyard, they must be burned. If he had bunches of fenugreek that were tevel (untithed produce), he must thresh them to extract the seeds, calculate how much seed the stalks contain, and then take tithes from that; he need not tithe the stalks. If he took tithes from the stalks before removing the seeds, he may not change and only tithe the seeds. In such a case, he must tithe both the stalks and the seeds.
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