Terumos 10:11-12

Terumos 10:11

Rabbi Yosi says that any chullin vegetable that is cooked with terumah beets becomes prohibited because the beets impart their flavor. Rabbi Shimon says that if chullin cabbage that was grown in an irrigated field was cooked with terumah cabbage that grew in soil that was watered by the rain, it becomes prohibited because it absorbs the taste. Rabbi Yehuda allows all mixtures cooked together except for those involving meat. Rabbi Yochanan ben Nuri says that forbidden liver can render other foods prohibited but permitted liver cannot be rendered prohibited by other foods. This is because liver expels but does not absorb.

Terumos 10:12

If an egg was cooked with forbidden spices (such as those of terumah), even the yolk becomes prohibited because it absorbs the taste. Non-kohanim may not drink the liquid in which vegetables of terumah were cooked or pickled.
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