Succah 5:2-3

Succah 5:2

At the end of the first day of Succos, the kohanim and Leviim would go to the women’s section of the Temple, where they made a big improvement (by putting the men and women on separate levels to avoid inappropriate mingling). There were golden candelabras there, each with four golden bowls at its top, and each with four ladders. Four boys from the young kohanim would climb these ladders with jugs of oil totaling 120 logs (about 15 gallons), which they would pour into the bowls.

Succah 5:3

The worn-out britches and belts of the kohanim were used to make wicks that would be used to kindle these lamps. There wasn’t a courtyard in Jerusalem that wasn’t illuminated by the light from the place of the water drawing.
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