Succah 4:8-9

Succah 4:8

Hallel and rejoicing were for eight days as follows: everyone is obligated to recite Hallel and honor Shemini Atzeres the same as the seven days of Succos. The mitzvah of succah is seven because when one finishes with it on the seventh day, he may not yet dismantle it but he does bring his utensils back in the house at mincha time so that he can honor Shemini Atzeres with them.

Succah 4:9

The water libation was performed as follows: a golden pitcher holding three log (about 42 ounces) was filled from the Shiloach (the name of a certain spring). When they reached the Water Gate (so called because of this ceremony), they sounded tekiah, teruah and tekiah on a shofar. The kohein performing the ceremony ascended the ramp of the altar and turned left, to where two silver bowls awaited him. Rabbi Yehuda said that the bowls were actually made of plaster but that their surfaces were darkened from wine. Each bowl had a spout, one wide and one narrow so that they would empty at the same time. The bowl on the west (with the smaller hole) was for water and the bowl on the east (with the larger hole) was for wine, though if the kohein accidentally poured the liquids into the wrong bowls, he has fulfilled the obligation. Rabbi Yehuda said that the kohein poured from a one-log vessel (not a three-log vessel) for all eight days (rather than seven). They instructed the kohein performing the ceremony to do so with his hands visible because a Sadducee once performed the ritual. Since the Sadducees do not believe in this ceremony, he intentionally poured the water on his feet rather than on the altar, causing the people to pelt him with their esrogim.
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