Succah 4:10-5:1

Succah 4:10

The water libation was performed on Shabbos the same way as on weekdays except that on Friday they would fill an unconsecrated golden barrel with water from the Shiloach and then put it in a chamber. If this water was spilled or left uncovered, they would fill the pitcher from the laver (that the kohanim used to wash their hands and feet) because water or wine left uncovered were unfit for the altar.

Succah 5:1

Flutes were played on five or six days of Succos, at the place of water drawing; playing the flute does not supersede Shabbos or yom tov. It is said that whoever did not witness the rejoicing at the place of water drawing (simchas beis hashoeva) has never seen rejoicing in his life. [We use the term “simchas beis hashoeva” to refer to our Succos parties, in memory of this ceremony.]
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