Succah 3:9-10

Succah 3:9

Beis Hillel say the lulavim were waved in Hallel at the beginning and end of “Hodu Lashem” and at “Ana Hashem hoshia na.” Beis Shammai say they were also waved at “Ana Hashem hatzlicha na.” Rabbi Akiva reported that he witnessed Rabban Gamliel and Rabbi Yehoshua only wave at “…hoshia na.” If a person on a journey has no access to a lulav, he should take it as soon as he gets home. If he did not take the lulav in the morning, he should do so in the afternoon because the mitzvah is all day.

Succah 3:10

If a man needs a woman, a minor or a servant to read Hallel for him, he must repeat it after them (because they are not obligated, so they cannot fulfill the obligation for him); he is criticized for not learning how to read. If another adult male (who is obligated) reads it for him, he just listens and responds “Hallelujah.”
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