Succah 3:11-12

Succah 3:11

In a place where the practice is to repeat the verses at the end of Hallel, one repeats; in a place where the practice is not to repeat, one does not repeat. Where the practice is to recite a bracha at the conclusion of Hallel, one does so. Everything follows the local practice. If a person buys a lulav from another Jew during the Sabbatical year, he must give him the esrog because produce may not be bought and sold in the Sabbatical.

Succah 3:12

Originally, the lulav was taken all seven days of the holiday in the Temple and just on the first day elsewhere. After the Temple was destroyed, Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai instituted that the lulav be taken all seven days everywhere in memory of the Temple; he also instituted that chadash (new grain) remains forbidden the whole day on which the omer was waved (16 Nisan).
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