Succah 3:1-2

Succah 3:1

If a lulav (palm branch) is stolen or dried out, it is invalid. If it came from an asheira (a tree that was worshipped) or a condemned city, it is invalid. If the tip broke off or the leaves became separated, it is invalid. If the leaves spread out, it is valid. Rabbi Yehuda said that one ties the palm leaves to the spine. Thorny palms from “Iron Mountain” may be used as a lulav. A lulav three handbreadths long (about 9”) is long enough to be waved and therefore valid.

Succah 3:2

If hadassim (the myrtle) are stolen or dried out, they are invalid. If they came from an asheira or a condemned city, they are invalid. If the tip broke off, the leaves became separated, or the berries outnumbered the leaves, they are invalid. If one reduced the number of berries, they becomes valid but one may not do this on yom tov.
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