Succah 2:6-7

Succah 2:6

Rabbi Eliezer says that one is obligated to eat 14 meals in the succah, one each morning and one each night; the Sages say that the only time one is obligated to eat in the succah is on the first night. Rabbi Eliezer added that if one failed to do so on the first night, he makes up for it on the last night; the Sages say there’s no making up for it as per Koheles 1:15, “That which is crooked cannot be straightened and that which is lacking cannot be counted.”

Succah 2:7

Let’s say that a person had his head and the majority of his body in his succah but his table was in the house. In such a case, Beis Shammai say it is invalid and Beis Hillel say that it is valid. Beis Hillel said to Beis Shammai that the elders of their two schools once visited Rabbi Yochanan ben HaChorani and found him eating with his head and the majority of his body in his succah and his table in the house but they didn’t say anything to him. Beis Shammai responded that that was no proof because they actually did tell him that if he always ate that way, then he never fulfilled the mitzvah of succah.
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