Succah 2:4-5

Succah 2:4

If a person built his succah between trees and they form the walls, it is valid. One who is traveling for mitzvah purposes is exempt from the mitzvah of succah. Sick people and those taking care of them are exempt from the mitzvah of succah. One may snack and drink outside of a succah.

Succah 2:5

Once Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai was brought a cooked item to sample, and Rabban Gamliel was brought two dates and a pitcher of water, and they told the people to bring it to them in the succah. When food smaller than the volume of an egg was given to Rabbi Tzadok, he took it in a napkin and ate it outside the succah, and he did not recite a bracha after eating this small volume.
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