Succah 1:9-10

Succah 1:9

If one suspended succah walls from the top down, if they are three handbreadths from the ground (about 9”), it is invalid. If the walls extend from the ground up, as long as they are ten handbreadths tall (about 30”), the succah is valid. Rabbi Yosi says that the rule of ten handbreadths also applies to walls suspended from the top down. If one removed the schach (the material of the succah roof) three handbreadths from the walls, the succah is invalid.

Succah 1:10

If the roof of a house collapsed and one covered the hole with schach, if there are four cubits (about six feet) from the walls to the schach, it is not valid for use as a succah. The same rule applies in the case of a yard surrounded by a portico (if one covers the open side, etc.). If a large succah (i.e., at least seven handbreadths by seven handbreadths of valid schach – about 21” x 21”) is surrounded by a material unfit for use as schach, if the area under the unfit material is four cubits, the succah is invalid.
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