Sheviis 8:11-9:1

Sheviis 8:11

If a bath was heated using sabbatical straw, one may bathe in it. If he is an important person (whose example others will emulate), he may not bathe in it.

Sheviis 9:1

The mishna lists a number of vegetables – such as celery that grows by the water and berries that grow in meadows - that are exempt from tithes because they typically grow ownerless. Such vegetables may be purchased from anyone in the sabbatical year (even those not normally trusted regarding sabbatical produce) because they are by their very natures unguarded. Rabbi Yehuda says that spontaneous mustard growth (i.e., it wasn’t sown as produce) is permitted because we don’t expect sabbatical violators to bring mustard from their fields. Rabbi Shimon says that all such spontaneous growth is permitted except for that of cabbages because these don’t typically grow wild (so they’re most likely from a planted field). The Sages, on the other hand, prohibit all such spontaneous growth.
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