Sheviis 10:9-Terumos 1:1

Sheviis 10:9

The Sages commend one who repays a debt in the sabbatical year. If one borrowed from a convert whose sons converted with him (and the father died), he need not repay the sons (because they are not heirs in halacha) but the Sages commend one who does repay them. Movable property is acquired by drawing it towards one. The Sages commend one who keeps his word (not backing out when no acquisition has yet been made).

Terumos 1:1

Five types of people may not separate terumah (the portion for the kohein) and if they did, it is not terumah even after the fact. They are: a deaf-mute, a person of limited mental capacity, a minor, and one who separates terumah from produce that doesn’t belong to him. If a non-Jew separates terumah from a Jew’s produce, it is not terumah even if he has the Jew’s permission.
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