Shabbos 20:5-21:1

Shabbos 20:5

If straw is on a bed (not designated for animal feed and therefore muktzeh), one may not knock it off with his hand but he may knock it off with his body. If it was designated as animal feed, or if it was covered with a pillow or a sheet (indicating that it was intended to be used as bedding), one may remove it by hand. A device used by homeowners to press clothes may be loosened on Shabbos but not tightened. Such a device used by professionals may not be handled at all on Shabbos. Rabbi Yehuda says that if the device was partially loosened before Shabbos, it may be completely loosened on Shabbos so that the garment may be removed.

Shabbos 21:1

One may move a child who has a stone in his hand, as well as a basket of fruit that has a stone in it. One may move ritually unclean terumah along with the ritually-clean terumah and regular produce. Rabbi Yehuda says that one may even take a measure to rectify meduma (a mixture of terumah and regular produce) when it’s in the ratio of 1 part terumah to 100 parts non-sanctified produce.
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