Shabbos 20:1-2

Shabbos 20:1

Rabbi Eliezer says that it is permitted to stretch a strainer over a vessel on yom tov. On Shabbos, one may use such a strainer if it’s already in place. The Sages say that it is prohibited to stretch the strainer over the vessel on yom tov or to use it on Shabbos but one may use it on yom tov if it’s already in place.

Shabbos 20:2

Water may be poured on the dregs to rinse off the wine residue. One may use a cloth or a wicker basket as a filter, one may put an egg into a mustard strainer, and one may make a beverage of wine, honey and peppers on Shabbos. Rabbi Yehuda says that on Shabbos one may only make this beverage by the cup, on yom tov one may make it by the bottle and on chol hamoed one may make it by the barrel. Rabbi Tzadok says that the amount one may make depends on the number of guests one has to serve.
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