Shabbos 19:5-6

Shabbos 19:5

A timely circumcision can be held on the eighth day, the ninth, the tenth, the eleventh or the twelfth – no sooner and no later. How is this so? The eighth day is the normal situation. If the baby is born at twilight (so there is a doubt as to which day it is), he is circumcised on the ninth day. If he was born on twilight on Friday (so that the ninth day is Shabbos), he is circumcised on the tenth day. If yom tov falls after Shabbos, the baby is circumcised on the eleventh day. If Shabbos is followed by the two days of Rosh Hashana, the baby is circumcised on the twelfth day. If the baby is ill, we do not circumcise him until he recovers.

Shabbos 19:6

A bris is not valid if sufficient strands of skin remain to cover most of the tip. If he is a kohein, a male in such a state may not eat terumah. If the baby is fat so that he appears uncircumcised, it should be cosmetically corrected. If the mohel performed the circumcision but did not peel the membrane, it is as if he did not perform the circumcision.
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