Shabbos 17:4-5

Shabbos 17:4

Rabbi Yosi says that any utensil may be handled on Shabbos for a permitted purpose except for a large saw and a plow blade (because these things are expensive, their owners would not use them for other purposes. A modern example is that one would not use a surgeon’s scalpel as a steak knife). Any utensil may be moved whether or not it is needed; Rabbi Nechemiah says that utensils may only be moved when needed.

Shabbos 17:5

All utensils may be moved on Shabbos and, if broken, their pieces so long as they are still useful. For example, a broken piece of a kneading trough can be used to cover a barrel and pieces of glass can be used to cover a jug. Rabbi Yehuda says that the broken pieces may only be handled if they perform a task similar to their original purpose, such as using the pieces of a kneading trough to hold a dough or pouring oil into the pieces of glass.
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