Shabbos 16:4-5

Shabbos 16:4

The courtyard where one may take food rescued from a fire is also where one may take his utensils. A person can wear as many layers of clothes as possible to save them from the fire. Rabbi Yosi limits a person to 18 garments (which is the number of garments one normally wears), though one may take them off and return for more, and he may invite others to assist him.

Shabbos 16:5

Rabbi Shimon ben Nanas says that one may spread a kid’s hide over a wooden chest that catches fire because such a hide will only be singed by the fire rather than consumed. They may make a partition of vessels – either empty or full of water – to keep the fire from spreading. Rabbi Yosi does not permit one to use new earthenware vessels containing water for this purpose because they will burst from the fire and put out the flames.
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