Shabbos 15:3-16:1

Shabbos 15:3

One may fold clothes on Shabbos, even four or five times, and one may make the beds from Friday night for Shabbos, though not on Shabbos for after Shabbos. Rabbi Yishmael says that one may fold clothes and make the beds from Yom Kippur for Shabbos and the fats from the Shabbos sacrifices could be burned on Yom Kippur (when it started on Saturday night). Rabbi Akiva said that one may not burn the fats from Shabbos on Yom Kippur, nor vice versa.

Shabbos 16:1

All books of Tanach may be saved from a fire on Shabbos regardless of whether or not they are read publicly. Even scriptures written in languages other than Hebrew must be disposed of by placing them in sheimos. Why are the books of the Writings not read on Shabbos? Because if people were engrossed in them, the study halls would be empty. A scroll’s container may be saved along with the scroll itself and a tefillin bag may be saved with the tefillin, even if they also have money in them. And where do they take the things that are saved from a fire? To a closed alley (which is suitable for an eiruv). Ben Beseira permits the objects to be taken even to an open alley.
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