Shabbos 15:1-2

Shabbos 15:1

One is liable for tying a camel-driver’s knot or a sailor’s knot on Shabbos, and also for untying them. Rabbi Meir says that one is not liable for tying a knot that can be untied with one hand.

Shabbos 15:2

There are knots that one would not be liable for tying: a woman may tie her dress, her hairnet, her belt, her shoe, her sandal, flagons of wine and oil, and a meat pot. Rabbi Eliezer ben Yaakov says that one may tie a rope in front of an animal to keep it from leaving its pen. One may tie a bucket to a well using a belt but not a rope, though Rabbi Yehuda permits it. Rabbi Yehuda stated a general principle that tying a knot does not render one liable if the knot is of a kind that will not last.
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