Shabbos 14:1-2

Shabbos 14:1

There are eight “creeping things” named in the Torah (moles, weasels, mice, ferrets, hedgehogs, lizards, chameleons and snails, though opinions vary); a person who traps or wounds these creatures on Shabbos is liable. When it comes to other vermin and lowly creatures, one is exempt for wounding them. As far as trapping, if one traps them for some useful purpose, he is liable and if he traps them for no useful purpose, he is exempt. If a person has an animal or a bird in his domain and he traps them, he is exempt (because the creature is already trapped). If he wounds them, he is liable.

Shabbos 14:2

One may not make a solution to pickle vegetables on Shabbos but one may make salt water to dip his bread into or to add to cooked food. Rabbi Yosi says that salt water is pickling solution, it’s just a difference of volume. Rather, one may make salt water if he first adds oil to the water or the salt (since this tempers the strength of the resulting mixture.
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