Pesachim 9:2-3

Pesachim 9:2

A journey that would prevent someone from bringing the Passover offering means that a person is as far away from Jerusalem as Modiim, or the equivalent distance in any direction (15 mil – about 8.5 miles); this is the position of Rabbi Akiva. Rabbi Eliezer says even outside the entry to the Temple courtyard qualifies as being away. Rabbi Yosi says that the reason there is a dot over the letter hei (of the word rechokah – “distant” – in Numbers 9:10) is to indicate that it is not really “distant,” it could be just outside the Temple courtyard.

Pesachim 9:3

The differences between the first and second Passovers are: one may not see or possess chometz (leaven) when offering first Passover but one may have both matzah and chometz in the house when offering second Passover; first Passover must be eaten with Hallel but second Passover need not. Both sacrifices require Hallel when they are offered, both are eaten roasted with matzah and maror, and both supersede Shabbos.
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