Pesachim 7:11-12

Pesachim 7:11

Whatever pieces may be eaten from a large ox can also be eaten from the young kid that is brought as a Passover offering. This refers to the tips of the shoulder blades and various pieces of cartilage. If one breaks a bone of a ritually-clean Passover offering, he is liable to the penalty of lashes. If a person leaves over meat from a ritually-clean Passover offering or breaks a bone of a ritually-unclean Passover offering, he does not incur the penalty of lashes.

Pesachim 7:12

If a limb of a Passover offering partially left its permitted boundary, one must cut that piece to the bone, pare the meat until the joint, and sever the affected limb where the two bones meet (because it is prohibited to break a bone). When it comes to other sacrifices, one may simply cut it with a cleaver because breaking a bone is not a problem for other sacrifices. Everything from the rim of the door inward is considered inside and everything from the rim of the door outward is considered outside. Something in the windows of the Jerusalem city wall or over the top of the wall is considered inside.
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