Pesachim 7:1-2

Pesachim 7:1

Rabbi Yosi HaGlili says that the Passover offering was roasted on a spit of pomegranate wood, passed through the animal mouth to rectum, with the animal’s legs and intestines placed inside the carcass. Rabbi Akiva says that putting the legs inside the animal would cause them to be cooked rather than roasted. Rather, the legs were hung on the outside of the animal.

Pesachim 7:2

The Passover offering may not be roasted on a metal spit or on a grill. Rabbi Tzadok related an incident in which Rabban Gamliel sent his servant Tovi to roast the Passover offering on a grill (so he disagrees with the first opinion). If the Passover offering touched an earthenware part of the oven, that piece of the offering must be trimmed. If some juice dripped onto an earthenware part and then back onto the offering, that piece of the offering must be removed. If some juice dripped onto flour, a handful must be removed from that part of the flour.
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