Pesachim 2:8-3:1

Pesachim 2:8

One may not put flour into charoses or mustard (because it will rise; keep in mind that this was before a later enactment prohibiting mustard altogether for Passover use in Ashkenazic communities). If one did put flour in mustard, it must be eaten immediately (before it can rise), though Rabbi Meir does not permit it to be eaten at all. The Passover offering may not be cooked in liquid or fruit juice, but it may be basted or dipped in them. A baker’s water (that he uses to wet his hands) must be poured out because the dough from his hands ferments.

Pesachim 3:1

These things are removed before Passover: Babylonian dip, Medean beer, Edomite vinegar, Egyptian ale, dyers’ water, cooks’ dough, and scribes’ glue (all of which consist of chometz and non-chometz ingredients). Rabbi Eliezer also includes women’s cosmetics. The general principle is that any mixture containing one of the five grains must be removed for Passover, though if one were to eat such a mixture, he would not incur the penalty of kareis (excision).
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