Pesachim 2:6-7

Pesachim 2:6

The following vegetables may be used to fulfill the obligation to eat maror on Passover: lettuce, chicory, endive, eryngo (sea holly), and coriander. These may be used fresh or dry but not pickled, cooked or boiled. The different vegetables can be combined to form the necessary olive-sized portion. One may fulfill the mitzvah using the stalks of the plant (as opposed to the leaves), with demai (doubtfully tithed produce), first tithe from which terumah has been taken, and second tithe or consecrated produce that have been redeemed.

Pesachim 2:7

On Passover, one may not soak coarse bran to make chicken feed but one may scald it with boiling water (as this will cook the bran before it can rise). A woman may not soak the coarse bran that she brings with her to the bathhouse (for use as a loofa) but she may rub it on her skin dry (even though her skin is wet). A man may not chew wheat to place on a wound (as a plaster) on Passover because his saliva will cause it to rise.
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