Orlah 3:8-9

Orlah 3:8

The valuable things listed in 3:7 render prohibited when they are whole but if the nuts split, if the pomegranates break open, if the sealed jars of wine were opened, if the gourds were cut or if the loaves were broken, then they are nullified in the ratio of 1-in-200.

Orlah 3:9

Produce that may or may not be orlah is prohibited in Israel proper but permitted in Syria (land annexed to Israel). Outside of Israel, one may go to a non-Jew’s orchard and purchase fruit as long as he doesn’t see him gather it. If vegetables were planted in a vineyard, and vegetables are being sold outside the vineyard, they are prohibited in Israel and permitted in Syria. Outside of Israel, a non-Jew can gather for him, so long as he doesn’t gather it himself. Chadash (the new crop, before the omer is brought) is prohibited everywhere; orlah outside of Israel is a halacha l’Moshe miSinai (law communicated to Moses at Sinai) and mixed species of a vineyard are prohibited outside of Israel by rabbinic law.
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