Orlah 3:6-7

Orlah 3:6

Bunches of fenugreek that are mixed species of a vineyard must be burned. If this bunch got mixed up with other bunches, they must all be burned; this is the opinion of Rabbi Meir. The Sages say that it is nullified in the ratio of 1-in-200.

Orlah 3:7

Rabbi Meir’s ruling (in 3:6) is as per his general position that anything that is counted renders a mixture prohibited. The Sages say that only six things have this effect (because of their value); Rabbi Akiva says seven. They are: soft-shelled nuts, pomegranates from Badan, sealed jars of wine, the shoots of beets, heads of cabbage and Greek gourds. Rabbi Akiva adds home-baked loaves. When the forbidden item is orlah, the whole mixture is orlah; when it’s mixed species of a vineyard, the whole mixture is mixed species of a vineyard.
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