Orlah 1:6-7

Orlah 1:6

If a shoot from orlah or from mixed species grown in a vineyard got mixed with other plants, the produce may not be gathered. If one did gather it, the forbidden produce becomes nullified in the ratio of 1-to-201 so long as he did not gather the produce intending to nullify it. Rabbi Yosi says that one may gather the produce even with the intention that the forbidden be nullified in the ratio of 1-to-201, and it still works.

Orlah 1:7

Leaves, tender sprouts, and the sap and buds of vines are not produce. Therefore, they are permitted under the laws of orlah and revai (fourth-year produce, which would otherwise be required to be eaten in Jerusalem), they may be eaten by a nazir (who may not eat produce from the vine) and, if from an asheira (a tree worshipped as an idol), are forbidden. Rabbi Yosi says the buds are prohibited vis-à-vis orlah, revai and a nazir because they are produce. Rabbi Eliezer says that if a person curdles milk using orlah sap, the resulting cheese is prohibited. Rabbi Yehoshua reported hearing that if one curdles milk using sap from the leaves or roots, it is permitted; with the sap of unripe produce, it is prohibited because it still counts as produce.
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