Nedarim 11:8-9

Nedarim 11:8

Let’s say that a man has taken a vow not to benefit his son-in-law but he wants to give money to his daughter. In such a case, he may give it to her as a gift on the condition that her husband has no right to it; it is earmarked for her own food.

Nedarim 11:9

According to Numbers 30:10, the vow of a widow or divorcee is upheld, as follows: If a widow or divorcee vows to be a nazir after 30 days, and she marries within those 30 days, her new husband cannot overturn that vow. If she took such a vow while she was already married, he can void it as follows: If she vowed to be a nazir after 30 days (and he voided the vow), the vow is canceled even if he dies or they divorce within the 30 days. If she took a vow, divorced and remarried all on the same day, he cannot overturn the vow. The general principle is that if the woman is on her own even for an hour, he cannot cancel her vow.
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