Nedarim 11:4-5

Nedarim 11:4

If a woman takes a vow prohibiting her work to her father, father-in-law, brother or brother-in-law, her husband cannot void the vow. If she prohibits her work to her husband, it is unnecessary to overturn the vow (because it is ineffective in the first place). Rabbi Akiva says that the husband does have to revoke such a vow out of concern that the wife might do more than she needs to do (based on the assumption that the husband is not automatically entitled to such a surplus). Rabbi Yochanan ben Nuri says that the husband must void this vow out of concern that they may divorce and this vow would prevent them from being able to remarry.

Nedarim 11:5

Let’s say that one’s wife made a vow but he thought it was his daughter who vowed, or vice versa; or if she vowed to be a nazir and he thought she vowed to bring a korban, or vice versa; or if she vowed prohibiting figs and he thought it was grapes, or vice versa; in all of these cases, the husband must void his wife’s vow again.
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