Moed Katan 2:4-5

Moed Katan 2:4

One may not purchase houses, servants or cattle on chol hamoed unless they are needed for chol hamoed or for the benefit of a seller who needs the proceeds of the sale to buy food. One may not move his possessions from one house to another, but he may do so if both houses are in the same courtyard. One may not bring utensils back from a craftsman but if he is worried about them, he may move them to another courtyard.

Moed Katan 2:5

One may cover dried figs with straw; Rabbi Yehuda says they may even be stacked. Sellers of produce, garments and utensils may sell privately that which is needed for use on chol hamoed. Trappers, grain-grinders and bean-millers may perform their jobs in private for the needs of the holiday; Rabbi Yosi says that they were stringent upon themselves not to do so.
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