Moed Katan 2:2-3

Moed Katan 2:2

Similar to the case in mishna 2:1, if one has wine in the pit and then a death in the family or some circumstance beyond his control occurred, or if his workers did not show up, he may pour the wine into barrels, complete the wine-making process and seal the barrels in the usual manner; this is the opnion of Rabbi Yosi. Rabbi Yehuda says he only covers the pit with boards to prevent the wine from souring.

Moed Katan 2:3

One may bring his produce inside to keep it from being stolen, and remove flax from steeping so that it doesn’t get ruined, so long as he did not intentionally leave the work for chol hamoed. Anyone who intentionally leaves work to be done on chol hamoed forfeits the work he has done.
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