Moed Katan 1:10-2:1

Moed Katan 1:10

One may make a railing for his roof or balcony in an unskilled manner but not in a professional manner. One may fill cracks with plaster and smooth them with a roller using his hand or foot but he may not use a professional tool. If hinges, sockets, beams, a lock or a key were broken, they may be repaired on chol hamoed so long as one did not intentionally leave the work to be done then. All pickled foods that will be ready to eat on chol hamoed may be pickled.

Moed Katan 2:1

If one prepared his olives for pressing and then a death in the family or some circumstance beyond his control occurred, or if his workers did not show up, he may set the beam of the olive press for the first time on chol hamoed and leave it there until after yom tov; this is the opinion of Rabbi Yehuda. Rabbi Yosi says that one may pour the olives into the press, press the olives completely and seal the casks in the usual manner.
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