Maaser Sheni 2:2-3

Ma’aser Sheini 2:2                         

Rabbi Shimon says that one may not anoint using second tithe oil in Jerusalem, though the Sages permit it. The Sages said, “If they were lenient about anointing with terumah oil – which is a much more serious prohibition – shouldn’t we permit it in the case of second tithe oil, which is a less severe matter?” Rabbi Shimon replied, “No – if they were lenient in terumah in cases where they were also lenient with vicia (flowering legumes) and fenugreek, should we be lenient with second tithe in cases where they were not lenient with vicia and fenugreek?” (The cases to which Rabbi Shimon refers are detailed in the next two mishnayos.)

Ma’aser Sheini 2:3

Second tithe fenugreek must be eaten before it matures (i.e., while it is still soft). Beis Shammai say that whatever is done with terumah fenugreek must be done in a state of ritual purity except for washing one’s head with it (which renders it unfit to eat). Beis Hillel say that whatever is done with it may be done in a state of ritual impurity except for submerging it in water (which enables the transmission of ritual uncleanliness).
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