Challah 4:11-Orlah 1:1

Challah 4:11

Ben Antinos brought his first-born animals from Babylonia but they were not accepted. Yoseif the kohein brought his first wine and oil but they were not accepted (because first fruits must be brought from actual produce and not liquids). He also brought his sons and the members of his household to Jerusalem for the make-up Passover but they turned him away because they did not want it to appear that the pilgrimage was obligatory for second Passover as it is for the real thing. Ariston brought his first fruits from Syria and they were accepted because Syria – lands annexed by King David – is considered like a suburb of Jerusalem.

Orlah 1:1

If a person plants a tree to serve as a fence or for its lumber, the rules of orlah do not apply. (“Orlah” refers to the fruit of the first three years, which may not be eaten.) Rabbi Yosi says that if one side of a tree is intended for food and the other side is intended to serve as a fence, then the laws of orlah apply to the former but not to the latter.
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