Challah 2:7-8

Challah 2:7

The percentage to be separated as challah is 1/24 of the dough. Whether a person makes dough for his own use or for his son’s wedding feast, the measure is 1/24 of the dough. A professional baker who makes bread for sale – and the same is true of a homemaker who makes bread for sale – separates 1/48 of the dough. If a woman made dough for her own use and it was rendered ritually unclean, whether by accident or through unavoidable circumstances, requiring the challah to be burned, she need only separate 1/48 of the dough. If she intentionally rendered it unclean, she must separate 1/24 of the dough. This is so that one who acted improperly should not be rewarded for their actions.

Challah 2:8

Rabbi Eliezer says that challah may be taken from ritually-clean dough for ritually-unclean dough as follows: if he has both ritually-clean and ritually-unclean dough that need challah taken, he calculates the total amount of challah due and puts a piece of dough smaller than an egg in between the two doughs to make them as one without rendering the clean dough unclean. The Sages do not permit this course of action.
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