Bikkurim 4:3-4

Bikkurim 4:3

How is an androginos like women? He imparts ritual impurity through a red discharge like women, he may not be secluded with men like women, if his brother dies childless, he does not marry the widow, he does not receive a portion of an inheritance, and he does not eat the sacrifices of the highest degree of sanctity (in the case of a kohein). After giving birth, his mother counts the number of unclean days that one does for a female. He may not serve as a witness and if he has a disqualifying sexual relationship, he may no longer eat terumah.

Bikkurim 4:4

He is like both men and women in that a person is liable for striking him or cursing him. If he is killed, the accidental manslaughterer is exiled and the intentional murderer is executed. After giving birth, his mother brings a sacrifice, he may eat sanctified things that can be eaten outside of Jerusalem, and inherits as a sole heir.
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