Bikkurim 4:1-2

Bikkurim 4:1

An androginos (hermaphrodite, who has both types of genitals) is like men in some respects, like women in some respects, like both in some respects and like neither in some respects.

Bikkurim 4:2

How is an androginos like men? He becomes ritually unclean through a white discharge like men, he dresses like men and can marry a woman but not be married to a man. After giving birth, his mother counts the number of clean days that one does for a male. Like men, he may not be secluded with women, he does not receive maintenance from an estate, he may not cut his payes or beard like a man, nor defile himself for the dead (in the case of a kohein), and he is obligated in all the mitzvos of the Torah.
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