Bikkurim 3:5-6

Bikkurim 3:5

There were pigeons on the baskets to be used as offerings. What the travelers had in their hands were gifts for the kohanim. (It is unclear from the mishna if what they had in their hands refers to the baskets or to additional pigeons. Commentators vary.)

Bikkurim 3:6

With the basket still on his shoulder, the traveler would read the text from “I express today to Hashem your God” (Deuteronomy 26:3) through the end of the section. Rabbi Yehuda says he recites until “My father was a wandering Aramite.” When he reached “My father was a wandering Aramite,” he removed the basket from his shoulder and held it by the rim. The kohein put his hands under the basket and waved it, then the traveler read from “My father was a wandering Aramite” through the end of the section. He placed his basket next to the altar, prostrated and exited.
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