Bikkurim 3:11-12

Bikkurim 3:11

When are the additions like the actual first fruits? When they come from Israel. If it comes from outside Israel, it is not like the actual first fruit. (This refers specifically to Transjordan, which is not part of Israel proper but whose produce is obligated in first fruits.)

Bikkurim 3:12

In what ways are the first fruits the property of the kohein? He may use them to purchase servants, land and non-kosher animals, a creditor may take them as payment for a debt, and a woman may take them as payment for her kesubah (marriage contract); the creditor and the woman may also take a Torah scroll for these purposes. Rabbi Yehuda says that first fruits may only be given to learned person (who can be relied upon to eat them in a state of ritual purity) and they may only be given as a gift. The Sages say that the first fruits are given to the kohanim on Temple duty, who divide them among themselves, the same as was done with the Temple sacrifices.
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