Bikkurim 2:4-5

Bikkurim 2:4

Some rules apply to first fruits but not to terumah or tithes. First fruits are acquired while the produce is still attached to the ground; one may designate his entire crop as first fruits; one must replace first fruits if they are lost or destroyed; first fruits require that a sacrifice be brought, the Levites must sing, the basket must be waved and the one who brought the first fruits must stay overnight in Jerusalem.

Bikkurim 2:5

Terumas maaser (the portion of the tithes given to a kohein by a Levi) is like first fruits in two ways: (1) it may be taken from ritually-clean produce for ritually-unclean produce and (2) it may be taken from produce that is not nearby. Terumas maaser is like terumah in two ways: (1) all of one’s produce is prohibited until it is separated and (2) it has a prescribed measure.
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