Bikkurim 1:1-2

Bikkurim 1:1

Some people bring their first fruits to the Temple and recite the text, others bring their first fruits but do not recite, while still others do not bring their first fruits at all. Here’s who does not bring: one who plants a vine in his own field but bends a part of it into another person’s field or into the public domain; one who bends a vine from another person’s field or the public domain into his field. If a person plants a vine on his own field and bends part of it into his own land but another person’s field or public line intervenes, he does not bring first fruits; Rabbi Yehuda says that he does.

Bikkurim 1:2

Why does the person in 1:1 not bring first fruits? Because the Torah says, “the beginning of first fruits of your land” (Exodus 23:19), meaning that all the growth must be from one’s own land. Sharecroppers, renters, squatters and those who seize others’ land do not bring first fruits for this reason.
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